What We Offer

  • Unconditional acceptance of Interfaith families
  • Assistance in finding Jewish Universalist Communities
  • Network of UJUC Rabbis available for Life-Cycle ceremonies
  • Online Jewish Conversion
  • Online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Lessons overseen by local UJUC Rabbis
  • Online Interfaith Workshops- for couples and families
  • Online congregational workshops to help in the transition to JU
  • Professional Resources for Rabbis

Our Rabbis subscribe to our doctrines. They welcome everyone to join their communities and learn about and participate in our Jewish worship and rituals.

Affiliated Rabbis

Rabbi Deborah Reichmann

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Rabbi Deborah Reichmann serves the Washington DC metro area where she officiates life-cycle events for Jewish and interfaith families. She is also the Executive Director at the Hebrew Free Loan Association of Greater Washington, an organization that has provided interest free loans to the Jewish community since 1909. She was ordained from the Jewish Spiritual […]

Rabbi Galit

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In 1994, Galit accepted the cantorial position at Congregation Sholom of Leisure World in Seal Beach, California, eventually moving into Leisure World, a gated retirement community of 9,000. It became increasingly clear that the Jewish community of Leisure World needed a rabbi, one who was an integral part of this unique community and so Galit […]

Rabbi Em Mueller

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I went to college then to graduate work in creative writing, after which I taught at the University of Massachusetts for 10 years. During this time I became immersed in Jewish study. I taught Hebrew school and tutored children for their bar and bat mitzvah; I wrote liturgy for a healing service and a women’s […]

Rabbi Elisheva Diaz

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Rabbi Elisheva is an International Public Speaker, lecturer and Author. She is the President and Founder of Ayekah Jewish Foundation and the Coalition for Sephardic Ladino legacy, which focuses on the return of the Anusim. She works closely with the Sephardic community in Los Angeles and sponsors historical and cultural events that include the preservation […]

Rabbi Judy Ginsburgh

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Rabbi Judy is perhaps best known for her music and work as a cantorial soloist for over 30 years. She has produced a number of award-winning recordings of Jewish music for families and was commissioned by the URJ (Union for Reform Judaism) to write a preschool music curriculum titled My Jewish World. She has sung […]

Rabbi/Cantor Diane Rose

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Growing up, we called my synagogue the “ice palace” because it was large, had marble walls, and because the people were cold. Yikes. As you can imagine, after becoming a Bat-Mitzvah, I said I was done with Judaism. So, how did I end up deeply involved in Jewish thought and eventually decide to become a […]

Rabbi Kenneth Hahn

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I would imagine my upbringing within Judaism was not so different from that of a great many people. My parents forced me to go to Hebrew School at the Reform synagogue where our family belonged. I resisted tooth and nail, had a Bar Mitzvah and only set foot in the building thereafter when attending High […]

Rabbi Jon Nelson

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Rabbi, Cantorial Soloist, Educator with an M.Ed, and nationally known recording artist and entertainer, Rabbi Jon Nelson comfortably wears many hats. As the founder of the groundbreaking, Jewish Rock Band, “Yom Hadash”, he’s had the privilege of spreading his welcoming and inclusive brand of Jewish music across the country for close to two decades, performing over 1,000 concerts for audiences of all ages. In addition to appearing […]

Rabbi Eric Morgenstern

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Rabbi Eric Morgenstern is the founder and Rabbi of Kehillah Chen v’Chesed, a Jewish Universalist Synagogue that offers Enrichment Programs, Pastoral Care, Life Cycle Services, Shabbat and Festival services to a community of unaffiliated families. Rabbi Morgenstern has been a Jewish Educator for 25 years specializing in both the Conservative and Reform platforms.  He has focused on experiential Judaism […]

Rabbi Dina London

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Reb Dina is a trained Jewish spiritual director, has taught Jewish spirituality classes at synagogues, conventions, and retreats across North America, and is a published writer. Reb Dina has a certificate in non-profit management from the University of Illinois/Chicago, a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University, and rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Spiritual Leader’s Institute. […]

Rabbi-Cantor Paul Offenkrantz

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Rabbi-Cantor Paul Offenkrantz has served the Jewish community as an ordained spiritual leader for more than 25 years. A native of Brooklyn, NY, Paul began singing professionally on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera at the age of 9 where he came under the tutelage of the great cantor and operatic tenor, Richard Tucker. In […]

Rabbi Linda Goldberg

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Rabbi Linda’s passion is helping Jews and interfaith families of all backgrounds and interests enhance their lives with Judaism. She is an independent rabbi, serving individuals as opposed to a congregation; and she did her research project on Jews who are not members of synagogues in order to serve them better and make their experience […]