• The Changing Face of Religion in America

    The Changing Face of Religion in America

    April 27, 2017| Rabbi Judy Ginsburgh Earlier this year, I had the wonderful opportunity to hear Dr. Diana Butler Bass speak on two different occasions.  She is an author, speaker, and independent scholar specializing in American religion and culture.   Her latest book is called “Grounded: Finding God in the World, a Spiritual Revolution.”   During […]Read More »
  • Purim: A Chance to Let Loose

    Purim: A Chance to Let Loose

    February 23, 2017| by Rabbi Linda Goldberg Purim comes not a moment too soon, March 11-12, this year. While I always look forward to its approach as a sign that winter is nearly past, this year observing Purim seems especially relevant. It offers a fine occasion to remember our heritage, to do some good for […]Read More »
  • Festivals of light, now more than ever

    Festivals of light, now more than ever

    December 16, 2016| by Rabbi Deborah Reichmann Festivals of light, now more than ever I was going to start with a tirade. Railing against the hatred and intolerance I see spewing from all sides. Bemoaning the sorry state of the world. I won’t. It’s not that these things aren’t happening, but ranting won’t make it […]Read More »
  • Finding Unity in Faith

    Finding Unity in Faith

    By Rabbi Diane Rose | November 10, 2016 Whether you wore a hat with an H or one that ordered you to make America great again, Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, Whether you live in rural Texas or urban Los Angeles, There is one thing we can all agree on… This country is divided. […]Read More »
  • Some Final Reflections on the Holiday Season – How Sukkot Symbolizes Letting Go

    Some Final Reflections on the Holiday Season – How Sukkot Symbolizes Letting Go

    October 28, 2016 | by Rabbi Kenneth Hahn What does the holiday of Sukkot have to do with letting go of our need to control outcomes? First of all, before we get to that, what is Sukkot anyway? Like many Jewish holidays, it combines historical, spiritual and agricultural elements. It’s the holiday where we build […]Read More »
  • The Return of a People within Our People

    The Return of a People within Our People

    By Rabbi Elisheva Irma Diaz, MTS, DD | October 1, 2016 To be exiled is to be separated from ones familiar everyday life and surroundings. It is waking up one morning and feeling the breeze of a homesick life in a foreign place. If you are on a vacation or on an occupational venture you know you are returning […]Read More »
  • Significant Other

    Significant Other

    By Rabbi Steve Blane | September 21, 2016 Jewish Universalism is not a finite concept. Yes, we have a mission and we have doctrines.  At present, we have fourteen rabbis around the world who represent our ideas and principals. But we are not an island. We do not stand before G-d or humankind and represent […]Read More »


    By Rabbi Nancy Tunick | Sept 1, 2016 Reprinted with permission from Temple B’nai Israel, Alabama President James Garfield was quoted as saying “Man cannot live by bread alone, he must have peanut butter.” That is not the original conclusion of the famous biblical quote “Man does not live by bread alone, but rather by, whatever […]Read More »
  • Argue with the Torah!

    Argue with the Torah!

    By Rabbi Diane Rose | August 22, 2016 Reprinted with permission from coolshul.org Sometimes it’s hard being Jewish, and even more difficult being a teacher of Judaism. What do I tell my Bar and Bat-Mitzvah students when we read in their Torah portions that the God we pray to washed away all of human and […]Read More »
  • Summer Change

    Summer Change

    By Rabbi Galit Levy-Slater | August 7, 2016   A visitor recent attending my services asked, “You’re very new. What are you, Reform?”   The answer I gave him, “We are Universalist,” gave him pause, so I continued, “We do not believe in ‘labels’.”   My Jewish education has been as diverse as the demographics […]Read More »
  • Just Say… Yes!

    Just Say… Yes!

    By Rabbi Diane Rose | July 1, 2016 Reprinted with permission from coolshul.org Yesterday I became a Rabbi. Okay, that’s totally not true. I actually became a Rabbi nearly 6 months ago.  But I haven’t felt like a Rabbi.  Not for even one minute. “Didn’t you start feeling like a Rabbi while you were teaching […]Read More »
  • Words of Torah

    Words of Torah

    By Rabbi Em Mueller | June 28, 2016 Reprinted with permission from rabbiem.com Sim Shalom On-line Synagogue Sh’lach l’cha: Numbers 13:1-16:41 In this Torah portion, scouts go into the land that God promised to our ancestors. The Israelites have been at Mount Sinai; they’ve wandered through the wilderness; they’ve committed offenses and suffered plague and […]Read More »
  • The Feminist Torah

    The Feminist Torah

    by Rabbi Diane Rose|June 19, 2016 There is so much going on this week in Parshat Nasso, it’s hard to even know where to begin.  So, I’m going to focus on 3 elements that I am going to attempt to tie together in the name of feminism.  Now, This is definitelynot a favorite parshah for feminists, […]Read More »
  • Little Grains of Sand

    Little Grains of Sand

    by Rabbi Nancy Tunick | June 9, 2016 It’s almost summer, and we have a couple of beach trips planned. The first thing my kids want to do when they get to the beach is build sand castles. There are a couple of different varieties. Louis likes to use the bucket molds where you pack […]Read More »
  • How Good It Is

    How Good It Is

    By Rabbi Judy Ginsburgh | June 5, 2016 As presented at the PRIDE worship Celebration on June 5, 2016 at City Hall in Alexandria, Louisiana. Hine Ma Tov uma naim Shevet achim gam yachad How good it is that we gather All together peacefully. How good it is that we share That we care, respect […]Read More »
  • Are We Home Yet?

    Are We Home Yet?

    Are We Home Yet? By Rabbi Diane Rose| May 31, 2016 Reprinted with permission from coolshul.org Close your eyes… Oh, wait.  If you close your eyes you won’t be able to read this. Okay, read this, try to remember it, and then close your eyes. Imagine you are standing before God. Pause!  I heard that.  Those […]Read More »
  • One Rabbi’s View of Jewish Universalism

    One Rabbi’s View of Jewish Universalism

    by Rabbi Kenneth Hahn   Even those of us who are members of the Jewish Universalist movement often wonder exactly what the phrase means. I’ve been thinking about the concept of Jewish Universalism quite a bit lately, and here’s what I’ve come up with. Jewish Universalism has everything to do with making Judaism more accessible to […]Read More »
  • Look for the Helpers

    Look for the Helpers

    by Rabbi Nancy Tunick | May 17, 2016 Fred Rogers, famous for Mr. Roger’s neighborhood, once said “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers.’ You will always find people who are helping.” When two bombs exploded near the […]Read More »