About JU

At  time when more and more synagogues are closing and memberships are declining, members of the greater Jewish Community struggle to find their place. Interfaith relationships comprise a large segment of the Jewish world and while Jewish denominations do their very best to welcome them, the results are often compromised by the lack of a unified vision among their congregations. Sadly, we find our children and grandchildren often struggle with their Jewish affiliation and even find little meaning in worship.
Enter Jewish Universalism- a new Jewish movement- comprised of progressively minded Rabbis and their communities wherein all are welcome to belong, participate, and nurture the greater good without any obstacles, requirements or strings- just compassion and love for all of humankind through the lens of Judaism.

As envisioned by it’s founder Rabbi Steven Blane, Jewish Universalism is a form of Judaism already innately practiced by millions of Jews throughout the world.  JU offers a larger tent than any Jewish denomination in that Jews of all backgrounds as well as their non-Jewish partners and extended families are welcomed and supported in our communities. JU welcomes interfaith families to fully participate and worship together.
JU teaches that one’s religion is not the sole and exclusive source of truth and that God equally chose all nations to be lights unto the world.  We reject the concept of a G-d who would choose among G-d’s children.


It is our mission to reach millions of Jews around the world and share the wisdom, rituals and gifts of our traditions; to offer the understanding that we are not exclusive- but inclusive; to be guided by the fact that we are always learning and never know enough; and to realize that in modernity it is up to us to define how we live our faith guided by our love of Jewish tradition.