What is Jewish Universalism?

In brief, Jewish Universalism is a new response to our modern Jewish paradigm in which Interfaith and Same-Sex relationships are welcomed and embraced and all paths to the Divine are recognized as being equally Holy.

Built into the DNA of Jewish Universalism is the ability for all people to participate in our Jewish worship and rituals without restrictions.

Why do we need another Jewish movement?

Because for millions of Jews around the world, there seems to be no place- or movement- that quite fully resonates. Modern Jews are on a new path- a new journey. JU is our response.

Is Jewish Universalism affiliated with Unitarian Universalism?

No. Unitarian Universalists are Christian. Jewish Universalists are Jewish.

Is Jewish Universalism Jewish?

Yes. We are thoroughly, authentically and completely Jewish.

Is Jewish Universalism a new Jewish denomination?

No. Jewish Universalism is a movement which incorporates all Jewish denominations.

Does Jewish Universalism accept Messianic Jews?

No. JU considers Messianic Jews to be Christian.

Are Jewish Universalists accepted in Israel?

The State of Israel embraces all Jews and we have Israeli JU affiliated Rabbis. However, the religious authority in the State of Israel is Orthodox and for purposes of Aliyah make that determination.

I need a Rabbi to marry me? Can you help?

Yes- please contact us. We are available for all life-cycle ceremonies.

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