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It’s Mazal Tov Monday @ UJUC


Rabbi Daniel Boaz Betzel recently officiated two weddings, the first a marriage decades over due/in-coming. The ceremony was a beautiful testament to the efficacy of the enduring nature of love. And the second, a union that proves true love transcends geography, cultures, and faith during which the groom’s breaking of the glass symbolizedthe breaking down of barriers between people of different cultures and faiths. May the day soon arrive when all people will live together in peace.

Pastor Robert Brashear joined Sim Shalom’s Rabbi Steven Blane for a very happy and “Hippy” Purim Service!

Dr. Elisheva Irma Diaz Hern√°ndez BAJS, MTS, DD (Rabbi), President and Founder of Ayekah Jewish Foundation and Kehilla B’nai Emuna, and Vice President of the Coalition for Sephardic Hispanic and Ladino legacy in Los Angeles proudly announce the launch of the coalition.

Rabbi Dina London officiated a Havdalah Bat Mitzvah on Saturday night in the Chicago Area.