Rabbi Elisheva Diaz

Rabbi Elisheva is an International Public Speaker, lecturer and Author. She is the President and Founder of Ayekah Jewish Foundation and the Coalition for Sephardic Ladino legacy, which focuses on the return of the Anusim. She works closely with the Sephardic community in Los Angeles and sponsors historical and cultural events that include the preservation of Sephardic culture and Ladino music.


In 2013 she received commendations from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, and the California State Legislature for her empowering work in Jewish Education. She has a well-attended unaffiliated Minyan that meets several times a year and is launching a women’s fellowship in 2016 addressing today’s women’s issues.


She is the author of “An Eclipse with Reality” which is a writing that respectfully correlates her (abbreviated) story as a Bat Anusim with the substance of key personalities within the Torah. She cleverly and subtly presents a challenge to those with Jewish heritage living with the very same struggles she overcame.


Rabbi Elisheva holds a Masters in Theology and World Religions from Covenant Life Theological seminary, a certificate in Rabbinic Jewish Studies from Gratz College. She was honored in May of 2012 by Gratz college with the, L. Bernard Rabinowitz Memorial Award for unique leadership commitment and service to both religious and secular Jewish Institutions. She received her S’micha (ordination) through The Jewish Spiritual Leadership Institute (JSLI) under the leadership of Rabbi Steve Blane in August of 2012.



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