Rabbi Ivan Browner

Rabbi Ivan Browner

Rabbi Ivan Browner is the Spiritual Leader and Rabbi at Congregation Ner Tamid Shel Torah, a Jewish Universalist Congregation located in Tokyo, Japan. Through Congregation Ner Tamid Shel Torah, Rabbi Ivan is doing outreach into the community by offering counseling as well as life cycle events in a unique and joyous atmosphere.


Ivan has worked hard to create a non-profit organization called “The Peace Initiative.” Within the tenets of The Peace Initiative, inspired teachers, musicians, artists and businessmen have a platform from which they create and host educational lectures and classes. The proceeds from these classes and lectures are then donated to charities around the world.


Ivan’s Jewish and spiritual education is a tapestry of experiences weaving threads of Orthodox Jewish and Kabbalistic influence, with studies in Jewish meditation, Japanese Zen / Martial Arts training and real world life experience.


Ivan received his rabbinical ordination through Sim Shalom and the JSLI Rabbinical School, and is honored to witness and participate in the inception of the UJUC “The Union of Jewish Universalist Communities.”


Website: Rabbi Ivan Browner