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Rabbi Russell McAlmond

Rabbi Russell McAlmond

Rabbi McAlmond’s rabbinate path is to bring people together in mutual love and understanding.  Whatever differences we may have about life, politics, religion or any other topic we are asked to respect one another as the wonderful and unique human beings we are.  Putting people in groups and assigning values to them will deny their individuality.  The most important pillar of Judaism is to “Love Your Neighbor.”  We, and the rest of the world, must work harder on this human relations imperative.  

Rabbi Russell McAlmond serves the Southern Oregon area on the West Coast but tries to promote his vision internationally.  Originally from the Portland, Oregon area where he spent most of his career he moved to Southern Oregon in 2018.  In Portland he was a member of the Neveh Shalom Conservative Temple and worked on interfaith relations with the Portland Jewish Federation.  He also owned a registered investment advisory firm that he sold before moving south.  In addition to his MBA and MSFS he has multiple professional designations including as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).  

He is also a proud US Marine veteran with three years active duty and an overseas deployment of fifteen months.  He was hired later in life by a DOD contractor to work with active duty service members on their financial planning as the Personal Financial Counselor for the state of Oregon.  He continues to counsel veterans of all service branches as a volunteer.   

His website where he continues to learn and write about the movement of Universal Judaism is here: